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Favorite Son is a full-service booking agency specializing in individualized, strategic partnerships with our clients and venue partners. We work with artists of character, emphasizing career growth, mutually beneficial relationships, and safety for all. 




Favorite Son, LLC was founded by David Priebe. David has over 20 years of experience in the music industry.

He began his career as a musician, and after receiving a degree in Music Business from McNally Smith College of Music, began booking and managing artists independently. In 2009 he joined Green Room Music Source, where he became a managing partner and remained until 2020 when he brokered a deal to merge into Fleming Artists. Along the way he has taught collegiate courses, spoke and panneled and numerous conferences and events sharing knowledge and always continuing to learn. At the start of 2022, David opened Favorite Son with a small, ambitious team to continue the mission of helping artists succeed doing what they love. 


The music industry has never been an easy place for artists to succeed, and the last thing any artist needs is to face additional challenges because of their gender, race, orientation, faith, etc. We are committed to supporting venues, promoters, businesses, and Artists who are inclusive and ethical in their approach to doing business. Moreover, when an artist or business is guilty of harassment, discrimination, or unethical behavior, we will not work with them until toxic elements are removed and wrongs have been made right to the full extent they can be. We can, and will, demand better. Working together, we can build a better community and industry for us to work in. 


Favorite Son is a full-service booking agency. Like most agencies, we handle the calendars of touring musicians using state-of-the-art software run by an experienced team. We rely on a relationship-driven approach to working with artists and promoters across the United States and Canada. ​


So, what makes us different?

In today's landscape, most artists no longer have an entire team supporting them. Because of that, they often lean on the team members they do have to help in their overall development and success. We embrace that mentality and are always willing to assist our artists with general advice and strategies. We also offer all our clients organizational materials, referrals, and other resources. And we're not afraid to step across the line into management territory from time to time. We think that's the way to treat clients. We're not the big guys, after all ... we're the good guys! :)



Abigayle Kompst.jpg

Abigayle Kompst

"If Norah Jones, Joni Mitchell, and Phoebe Bridgers had a baby," that baby would be Abigayle Kompst. Hailing from the city of neon lights, showgirls, and gambling machines, the 22-year-old singer/songwriter moved to Nashville in 2018.


Bonner Black

Bonner Black, the classically trained ballerina turned Nashville Indie Pop singer/songwriter from Hot Rock, TN, started dancing at a young age before switching gears and making regular trips to Nashville to write and perform at 14. At 17, Black moved there officially; she embarked on her first regional tour shortly thereafter and participated in four NSAI lobbying trips. She received the Artist Entrepreneur Award by the Oxford Center of Entrepreneurs at The TimesCenter in New York City in 2016. Fast forward to today, and as an independent artist, Black has amassed over 344.1k streams across all platforms while cultivating an enthusiastic and engaged fan base and online community. Her Debut EP, Out Of Dreams, tells stories of lost love with sharp lyrics and melodies designed to burrow deep into your soul. 

cole ritter1_edited.jpg

Cole Ritter
and The Night Owls

Cole Ritter and The Night Owls have since been pioneering new sonic spaces and finding their very own home-grown sound by combining genres such as country, rock, and folk to make completely modern, yet nostalgic music. Cole Ritter and The Night Owls are quickly rising and can’t wait to share their music with the world.


Enemy Planes

Enemy Planes, indie-rock outfit from Minnesota, Echoes of M83, Foster the People, and acid jazz created a canvas for frontman Casey Call’s vocal lines to float above a sonic storm. The band cast spells on its audience, aided by their futuristic use of traditional electric lap-steel sounds. 

ErinMcKeownByShervinLainez1 - SM.jpg

Erin McKeown

Erin McKeown is a musician, writer, and producer known internationally for her prolific disregard of stylistic boundaries. Her brash and clever electric guitar playing is something to see. Her singing voice is truly unique —clear, cool, and collected.


Erinn Peet Lukes

With her pure, angelic voice and bluegrass-inspired sensibilities, Erinn Peet Lukes makes music that crosses genres with melodies that are fun and memorable. Growing up in Southern California, the singer/songwriter left home at 18 to explore the music scenes in Seattle, New York City, and Denver, writing and performing along the way. After years of touring with her popular bluegrass band Thunder and Rain, she moved to Nashville and recorded a pop, country, and rock-influenced EP with a top-notch team. In her decade-long career, Erinn has shared the stage with great songwriters such as Jennifer Knapp and John Paul White of the Civil Wars. Her songwriting has gotten her placed in the Kerrville New Folk Competition (2018) and the Merlefest Chris Austin Songwriting Competition (2021). In the summer of 2021, she graced the stage of the world-famous Station Inn in Nashville, TN, for the very first time....but definitely not the last!

Faith Boblett Promo landscape (Tony Nelson 2019).jpg

Faith Boblett

Faith Boblett is a Minneapolis based singer-songwriter with roots in northern Minnesota, and was named one of 2018’s Best New Bands by First Avenue. Faith’s music falls somewhere in the realm of pop, Americana, rock, and alt country. 

es7c8534-1 (1).jpg


is an honest, eclectic, and poetic surf rock roll band from somewhere near Texas by songwriter Robert Kuhn. Robert has lived all over the world, had several near-death experiences, and continues creating whatever music feels good. He has a brand new baby girl named Amma.

Jennifer Knapp

Jennifer Knapp

Jennifer Knapp is a singer-songwriter, author, speaker & LGBTQ advocate who has sold over 1 million albums, won 4 Dove Awards, and earned 2 Grammy nominations. She has released 7 studio albums, toured the globe & received critical acclaim for both her music & advocacy work for LGBTQ people of faith.


Jolie Holland

Over the span of her career, Jolie Holland has knotted together a century of American song—jazz, blues, soul, rock and roll—into some stew that is impossible to categorize with any conventional critical terminology. As evident in her first recordings, Holland apparently has no fear of the truth, and there is no emotional core she cannot reach in song.

Joshua Quimby_edited.jpg

Joshua Quimby

Twenty-one-year-old New England-born folksinger and songwriter Joshua Quimby is paving his own fresh path within Americana music. The now Nashville, TN-based artist combines his powerful voice, expressively raw lyricism, and folk/blues/country guitar picking to produce distinctly unique and genuine material.

A deep-set passion and respect for the timeless work of songwriters the likes of Bob Dylan, John Prine, and Hank Williams, Sr. amongst many others inspire Joshua’s own writing and motivation for his music. Equipped with a sound that is rustic and righteous; tried and true - Joshua has many stories to tell.

Mark Mallman 2021 #4 Cred. Alexandria Harland.jpg

Mark Mallman

Mallman's stage persona precedes him, but stepping back one sees a stunning body of recorded work. his expansive catalog of indefinitely emotional and masterfully orchestrated songs has been blasted over airwaves worldwide from MTV to NPR. USA Today, Wired, NME have all sung his praises. His ninth full-length album comes fresh off the heels of a widely-adorned memoir on happy music as medicine against grief and anxiety.



MAUDLIN writes music about love, lust, and what goes bump in the night— David & Priscilla pride themselves on super boppy hits, enormous energy, and earworm hooks. Fans of the Pixies & Weezer will love their songwriting, and fans of Lucy Dacus, Bully, and Mates of States will love the vocals' big harmonies and female energy



Redd is a Knoxville-based Americana project led by Redd Daugherty. After placing in the top forty of Season 19 of American Idol, Redd left her teaching career behind to pursue music full-time. Starting during the pandemic, the band has become a regional mainstay performing over 200 times in Tennessee and surrounding areas. Their live sound features Will Ross (upright bass) and Gavin Gregg (mandolin) backing Redd as she channels a range of sounds from Janis Joplin to Norah Jones, all with her unique Appalachian twist. 


Sawyer Fredericks

With his deep, beyond-his-years original lyrics and melodies, raw, soulful vocals, and powerful live performances, Sawyer seems an unlikely match for reality tv. Still he won Season 8 of NBC’s The Voice and hasn’t stopped his journey since.


South For Winter

With a blend of dreamy acoustic duets, foot-stomping Folk, and bluesy murder ballads, New Zealand-born and Nashville-based South for Winter’s sound is as eclectic as their origins. The band is composed of New Zealander Nick Stone, Colorado native Dani Cichon, and Michigander Alex Stradal, and together the three multi-instrumentalists and songwriters combine elements such as cello, guitar, mandolin, and three-part harmonies into a genre-bending sound described by American Songwriter as “impeccable.”


Thunder and Rain

Nashville-based Thunder and Rain weaves together acoustic instruments, country melodies and progressive sensibilities to create a modern Bluegrass sound featuring lead singer/songwriter Erinn Peet Lukes’ “nimble, yet devastating” vocals.



YËSAC is the new solo project from the originator / frontman of acclaimed Minneapolis based band ENEMY PLANES and singer in the San Francisco based GARZA (with Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation). Listen to the Exclusive Preview below for a sneak peek of things to come in spring of 2022 and keep scrolling to stream and watch the debut single “LEYOHAIDO”.



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