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Tracy Bonham

Two-time GRAMMY® nominee Tracy Bonham is a classically trained violinist, pianist, and vocalist turned alt-rock singer-songwriter. Bonham’s debut, The Burdens of Being Upright (Island Records), achieved Gold Record status in 1996 spawning the chart-topping hit “Mother Mother” which has remained a powerful anthem for disenfranchised youth all over the world.

Singer-songwriter and two-time Grammy™ nominee Tracy Bonham is a  classically trained violinist/pianist and a self-taught guitarist. Bonham is best known for her 1996 hit song for disgruntled youth around the world called “Mother Mother”. Her debut album, The Burdens of Being Upright,  achieved Gold Record status in the US, Australia, and Canada. Bonham  

was the featured vocalist/violinist for Blue Man Group's arena tours in  2003 and 2006. A lifelong performer, Bonham has performed on stage with  Page and Plant, Aerosmith, Sarah McLachlan, and Bonnie Raitt. She has released a total of 7 albums and 2 self-released Eps, all with widespread critical acclaim. As PopMatters aptly describes “Bonham, from the beginning and increasingly over time, is a riveting, complicated maker of pop music.” Her album, Modern Burdens, made Rolling Stone’s Top 50  albums of 2017, which they describe as “a lovingly penned postcard to  Bonham’s past self, and a fascinating look at where she’s at right now.”  Tracy Bonham is an artist who has never ceased growing and has never stopped challenging herself, her own talents, or her audience. 

Living in Brooklyn, NY, Bonham and her bassist, Rene Hart, are developing a music education platform called Melodeon. Much like her favorite educational programs of her youth, Sesame Street and Electric Company,  Tracy incorporates humor and wit to teach music theory within the music.  It is quite literally music that teaches music.  

In April of 2024, Bonham is set to appear on stage in Eugene, OR, for An  Evening with Tracy Bonham and the Eugene Ballet. 

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